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Planning Your Move

So, you're moving into your new house? Well, you better make sure you plan your move to precision or else it will be a very stressful job. To help make your move as smooth as possible we've put together some handy hints to help you on your way:

  1. Take the opportunity to sort through your belongings, throw away items you no longer want or take old clothes, etc, to a local charity shop. In addition to this, collect boxes, tape and rope well in advance because these will be vital when it comes to the move. You should also save newspapers for wrapping breakables.
  2. In addition to this, make sure you label all the boxes with details of what items are inside. It may also be worth writing which room the items are from, so when you move them to your new house the furniture removal men can put them directly into the right room. You should also ensure you clearly mark boxes containing fragile items.
  3. If you're moving your belongings by yourself then you need to make sure you hire the right sized van, or else the move could take ten trips instead of two! It is often cheaper to book vans on weekdays but if you can only move at a weekend, then make sure you book the van well in advance.
  4. Unless you have very few personal belongings, it is worth hiring a professional removal company to help you move. That way you will have trained individuals carrying and moving your most precious items. It is worth making a plan of where you want the furniture to go in your new house so the removal men can transfer all the heavy items directly into the right place.
  5. To ensure you don’t forget anything, make a checklist of things you have to do before, on the day, and just after the move. Only when all the items are ticked off can you sit back and relax in your new home. Items on your checklist should include: hire a removal company; make a list of your possessions; inform the water, electricity, gas and telephone companies of your moving date so they can send you a final bill and start a new bill at the new address; and send out new address cards to your family and friends.